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V Softball Schedule 2019-20

game time 6:00pm


September 3     at Grundy County
September 5     at Ridgeway vs N. Harrison
September 10    at Cainsville vs. Tri-County
September 12    at Mercer
September 14    EH Tournament at Cainsville
September 21    HDC Tournament TBA
September 24    at Ridgeway vs Winston
September 26    at Gilman City
October 10         at Cainsville vs NE Nodaway
October 16         District Softball TBA

JH Basketball Schedule 2019-20

game time 6:00pm


October 17      at Ridgeway vs Gilman City
October 22      at Cainsville vs Winston
October 24     at Ridgeway vs Osborn
October 28      at Pleasant View
October 29      at Pattonsburg
November 1    at Ridgeway vs Grundy
November 5    at North Harrison
November 7    at North Harrison with Princeton
November 11-15    Mercer Tournament
November 19    at Mercer
November 21    at Cainsville vs Tri-County

V Baseball Schedule 2019-20

game time 5:00pm

March 26   at King City
April 2        at Cainsville vs Tri-County
April 9        at Ridgeway vs North Harrison
April 14      at Princeton
April 17      at Cainsville vs Trenton
April 24     at Albany
April 28     at Grundy Co.
May 1        at Ridgeway vs Gilman City
May 5        at Cainsville vs Princeton
May 7        at North Harrison
May 11       at Ridgeway vs Pattonsburg
May 15       District Baseball TBA

JH Softball Schedule 2019-20

game time 5:00pm


September 5      at Ridgeway vs N Harrison
September 10    at Cainsville vs Tri-County
September 12    at Mercer @ 6:00
September 14    Pattonsburg Tournament
September 19    at Ridgeway vs Hamilton @ 6:00
September 24    at North Harrison @ 6:00

JH Academic Team Schedule 


V Academic Team Schedule 


           V Basketball Schedule 2019-20

game time 6:00pm


November 26      at Ridgeway vs Worth County
December 9        at Nodaway-Holt
December 10      at Ridgeway vs Stewartsville
December 13      at Grundy
December 16      at Union Star
December 19      at Cainsville vs N. Nodaway
December 28      NCMC Holiday Hoops
January 10          at Ridgeway vs Breckenridge
January 13-18    South Harrison Tournament
January 21          at North Harrison
January 24         at Cainsville vs Tri-County
January 27-31    Gilman City Tournament
February 4          at Breckenridge
February 7          at Gilman City
February 10-15   HDC Tournament at Mercer
February 18         at Winston
February 21         at Mercer
February 24-29   District Basketball

JH Track Schedule 2019-20

April 9       at Albany
April 13     at South Harrison
April 16     at Stanberry
April 29     HDC Track at Bethany
April 30     at Worth County

V Track Schedule 2019-20

March 31    at South Harrison
April 3         at Stanberry
April 6         at Albany
April 21       at Worth County
April 29      HDC Track at Bethany
April 30      at South Harrison
May 9         District Track TBA
May 16       Sectional Track TBA

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